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Prepare Your Home For Moving

How to Prepare your New Home before Moving

Just recently, a good friend of mine bought a new house and came telling me that he wanted to move into the new house in three months. He needed help on preparing the new house beforehand to avoid delays during the move. Although he had already planned to hire the movers, he understood the importance of doing all the preparations on time. Here are some of the most key things to do before the actual move:

  • Ensure your house is clean

Before calling your professional movers, you must ensure that the new house is clean. Though some movers may clean the house before leaving, it is advisable that you do the cleaning yourself. You can also hire the services of professional cleaners to do the job for you. However, make a point of instructing them to ensure that your desires are met. This is important to make sure that when your movers come, they will get your rooms clean and thus keep your things in their right places without wasting time.

  • Do the Painting on Walls and Ceilings

Let’s face it, your new house may have cracks and some paints may have faded. Therefore, it will be advisable to paint your new home with a good paint of your choice. Some people will wait until when the movers have arrived for them to start noticing the defects in their new homes. However, it is important that you paint your home early in advance to allow the drying of the paint before moving in.

  • Have your Exterior door Locks Changed

To be sure that you are safe in your new house, change the locks to your external door locks. This is because there’s a possibility of the previous occupants or neighbours having a duplicate key. You don’t want to get a un-invited visitor, right? Also, ensure that all the locks have been checked by a professional for faultiness and have them repaired or replaced.

  • Ensure the Switch Plates and Other Devices are Working

If you are moving into an old house, check if the switch plates and other devices in your house are in good working condition. If not, have them replaced or fixed. However,  it’s advisable to seek professional help to do the repairing to avoid injury or further damage to the appliances.

  • Clean and Service all Mechanical Devices

It is good to do this as soon as you get access to your new house. Ensure your heating and cooling systems are working before moving in. If there is a need for servicing, call your technicians in advance to avoid overpaying during winter when everybody will be calling for their services.

Once you have a plan in place, opt for a man and van London service to carry out the actual move for you.

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    March 24, 2019    

    Prepare prepare prepare is always good advice. A home move can creep up on you really fast and you do need time to plan for such an event.

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