Exclusive Kitchen Importer


This is our foremost value, we really do seek the best premium quality imported appliances along with the very best in customer care. We take pleasure in recommending the best products and support you in each step of the way to ensuring that you are completely satisfied throughout the entire installation process.

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We are a close knit team and always work on a first name basis. You will speak to the same team member throughout your purchase which means that you will get a personal but professional services whilst choosing the perfect kitchen appliances for your unique customers and projects.

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Our relationships with our current partners are excellent and we work incredibly hard to ensure our supply chain of appliances remains strong in order to continue to provide the high quality products our customers require. We continually work on so that we build loyalty from our suppliers to our customers.

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We are always on time, without fail. Our entire team understand that this is one of our core values and take pride in customer expectations. We will source, deliver and install your high quality premium Italian imported kitchen appliances and kitchen products by an agreed date.

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Appliance Repair Firm

electrical oven repair

When it comes to kitchen appliance repairs, the team at appliance repair in phoenix az are second to none! No matter what the electrical appliance is, give them a call to discuss your requirements. They are the top appliance repair firm in Phoenix.

Kitchen Appliance Repair Partner

Kitchen Appliance Repair Partner

We’ve recently paired up with a repair company who specialise in scottsdale appliance repair and are an ideal match for us in terms of company focus and service ambition.

Our Story So Far – Kitchen Impo...

Our Story So Far – Kitchen Importer

Where it all began Several years back on our quest to find the perfect kitchen and kitchen appliances left us feeling somewhat dismayed. There was a selection, but nothing a real premium quality.

Kitchen Speakers Installations

kitchen ceiling speakers

This is becoming a hot topic with more and more people who upgrade their kitchen also go for integrated speaker systems too. The most popular option being kitchen ceiling speakers.